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Services / Technology Consulting

The content of technical consultation mainly includes five types: policy consultation, management decision consultation, engineering consultation, professional consultation and information consultation.

Technical consultation is conducive to countries with backward technologies to find more cost-effective technologies. In some countries that need advanced technology, due to lack of scientific and technological strength or lack of experience in solving certain technical issues, hiring foreign technical consultants to provide consulting services can avoid detours or waste of funds. This is because the consulting company has a wealth of knowledge, experience and technical information, which can help the client choose advanced and applicable technology, find a reliable technology transferer, and purchase better quality machinery and equipment at a relatively reasonable price.

The form of technology consultation includes technology transfer, skill exchange, technology planning, technology evaluation, technology training, etc. It is a basic form of technology trade activities.

We have the characteristics and advantages of complete disciplines, talents, unobstructed information, and objective attitude. From the overall perspective, we conduct comprehensive analysis and expert consultations on many economic and technical issues, and propose more comprehensive and scientifically feasible plans or measures for the government Or corporate decision-making reference. Therefore, technical consultation and services are an effective form of scientific decision-making. Technical consultation can extend from planning and design to the post-implementation and production stages, helping customers master the comprehensive knowledge of using technology to build enterprise applications, saving development time and costs, and reducing the technical risks of the project.

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