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Industries / Petrochemical

Judging from the development trend in recent years, the globalization of the world's petroleum and petrochemical industry has become increasingly obvious. At the same time, technological progress is an important driving force for the development of the world's petroleum and petrochemical industry.


In recent years, the combination and penetration of high-tech and petroleum and petrochemical industries has promoted The improvement of petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment has accelerated the upgrading of petroleum and petrochemical products, and high value-added, high-tech and environmentally friendly products have continued to appear.


The world petrochemical industry has shifted to Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and South America. North America, Europe and Asia have always been the most important production and consumption regions in the world petrochemical market. Since the 1980s, the structure of the world petrochemical industry has been undergoing adjustments. Western developed countries have been committed to Due to the development in the high-tech chemical industry, the production of energy-intensive and labor-intensive bulk chemical products has gradually shifted from Western Europe and North America to Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.


As a result, the proportion of North America and Western Europe in the world petrochemical market has gradually declined; In the past, due to market, trade, oil prices and other influences, especially strict environmental protection requirements in Europe and the United States, forcing Western developed countries to tighten their domestic petrochemical production, the world's ethylene production has appeared in North America, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and the Middle East. They will surpass North America to become the world's largest ethylene producing area. The Middle East and South America have abundant and cheap oil and natural gas resources, which will attract a large amount of capital into the construction of petrochemical projects.

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