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Image by Pedro Henrique Santos

Industries / Energy

With the increasingly severe situation of emission reduction and environmental protection, driven by technological progress and rapid cost reductions such as new energy and intelligence, global energy is accelerating its transformation in the direction of diversification, low carbon, decentralization, digitalization and globalization.


It is entering an era of energy transition and development. New energy technologies and new business models will change the traditional energy supply model, and integrated energy services will gradually become the mainstream. Clean energy such as new energy and natural gas will meet most of the new energy demand in the future, and the energy system will also undergo structural changes. Low-cost technology will become the mainstream of future energy technology development, and information technology such as artificial intelligence will reshape the future of energy.


In the future, disruptive new technologies may appear in the fields of oil and gas, hydrogen energy, energy storage, and nuclear fusion energy, which will fundamentally change the future energy landscape. Accurately grasping the development trend of energy technology is of great significance for guiding the direction of technological innovation and strategic transformation.

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