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Fabric Machinery in Factory

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The development of intelligent manufacturing has entered a reshuffle period, which is mainly manifested in the industrial robot industry and the CNC machine tool industry bid farewell to the high growth stage.

Demand orientation will guide industrial artificial intelligence into reality. To achieve this goal, on the one hand, the application of artificial intelligence technology in the manufacturing industry focuses on industrial smart products or solutions to specific industrial pain points, such as machine vision-based surface quality inspection technology to help improve product quality; or use knowledge-based maps Intelligent CAD to improve production efficiency; or use artificial intelligence-based energy distribution to reduce production costs.

Industrial big data will become the core of the development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet. In the development process of industrial big data, security will become an important basis for enterprises to make intelligent upgrade decisions. Industrial intelligence based on big data will bring more service-oriented application scenarios. The equipment status intelligent management system will become a new model of remote operation and maintenance.


It will form a new model with data as the core, from intelligent collection, intelligent analysis, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent production scheduling, automatic commissioning, push plan, remote support to intelligent inspection A round of closed-loop operation mode of intelligent collection. Industrial blockchain will serve data security and distributed intelligent production networks. With the application of industrial blockchain technology, a distributed intelligent production network will be formed, led by the needs of end customers, and promote the service-oriented transformation of the industry.


Improve corporate efficiency through integrated and intelligent production. Through standardization and networked production, reduce the production cost of enterprises. Collaborative robots will become the mainstream development direction of industrial robots. Algorithm-based industrial intelligence platforms will become an important cornerstone of application scenarios. Different industrial industries have their own unique industry thresholds, and the needs of each industrial scene in different industries and different companies are quite different.


The path to the deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing is to combine information technology with industrial scenarios. The industrial intelligent algorithm platform, which is modeled, algorithmized, and coded in the core process, is oriented to industrial scenarios, which can provide convenient development services for the underlying applications. The intelligentization of process equipment will become a breakthrough in the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry. In the future, the integration of core process equipment and artificial intelligence to realize the intelligentization of process equipment will become a breakthrough for the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry.

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