“The Middle East’s favorable economic successes may have been built on the foundation of the oil and gas industry but Private Equity-backed companies are major players in the sustainability of the Region’s market economy.”

Smart Investing

We position ourselves in aiding investors with the desire of creating value and achieving a positive return on investment for their private equities. Our integrated team of leading industry experts understands niche-specific sectors that range from manufacturing, software, technology, healthcare, information, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, transportation, retail, hospitality, and logistics. At Arrowline Holding, we are passionate about creating value for your investment. We provide a long-term business platform for our partner companies and fund investors.


Thorough Evaluation

We seek opportunities through research and screening, utilizing performance reviews with due diligence. We then work closely and collaborate with established companies that have proven financial records, to promote liquidity and healthy entrepreneurship that’s necessary to create value for our shareholders. We diversify our investments to maximize returns and minimize risks. At Arrowline Holding, we take the access to work side-by-side with our clients to deliver industry expertise for confident management of their equities.

An Unwavering Commitment

We are committed to success in securing your investment through proven practices, utilizing emerging trends, and bringing in multiple valuable business connections. Beyond build-ups and traditional management buyouts, Arrowline Holding is constantly on the lookout for avenues to provide growth and value for your equities, leveraging your resources for maximum profit.