“As the Middle East seeks to diversify its economy away from oil and gas, it is keen to promote its infrastructure and strategic location in order to boost trade and signal further future financial advantages. As the demand for investment in the region's infrastructure increases, the need for qualified private capital to replace and expand international infrastructure continues to rise as well.”

Attention To Detail

We employ a disciplined strategy to find Infrastructure investment opportunities in the Middle East with minimized risks. Through an intricate selection process and by scrutinizing each detail of risk-based data, we seek investments and make our decisions. This ensures that we deliver nothing less than risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


Maximizing the Workforce

We actively invest in people, procedures, and resources, thus positioning us to generate value in infrastructure investments whilst driving operational improvement. Through differentiated procurement, strong organizational commitment and effective shareholder management, we strive to boost economic activity. We at Arrowline Holdings believe that this approach will help provide our investors with value-added returns.

Facilitate Positive Returns

We believe in creating value for our investors whilst contributing to the Middle East’s regional and local economies. By investing in infrastructure assets, we’ll be able to generate attractive returns and stimulate sustainable long-term economic growth.