“The oil and gas industry of the Middle East is acknowledged as a low-risk investment location that generates high rewards. However, the environment of today’s market requires a unique and different investing strategy, particularly in Energy Real Assets. ”

Strategic Financing

We understand the complexity of investing in the oil and gas industry and the Middle East’s ever-changing macro and market conditions. Based on these factors, we implement a flexible investment directive that will accurately suit the relevant asset type and investment structure. Arrowline Holdings excel in energy real assets projects aimed at ensuring the stability of investment revenue and powerful growth potential.


Generate Stable Returns

We focus on leveraging oil and gas investment opportunities that generate stable returns and long-term profits. We are also proud of our strong network and relationships with established partner operators and prospect generators in the Middle East. We incorporate a modern and creative approach in coming up with an active risk management strategy and economic discipline. Our focus lies on the value of the asset and direct ownership to produce desirable risk-adjusted returns.

Exceeding Expectations

We have proven industry expertise and broad capabilities to manage energy real assets. With adequate technical and financial knowledge, we work and collaborate with our investors with the mindset of an oil and gas company. With Arrowline Holding’s expertise, we provide our investors with a topnotch investment strategy that primes you for success.